Universal Connectors

Especially designed for 600 VOLTS or less for INDOOR and OUTDOOR applications with breakaway features.
Molded rubber bodies that have been UL tested for 600 volt or less.
A screw lug system that allows for removal and reinstallation without damage to the connector.
Segmented construction to allow cutting rubber bodies to fit conductor rather than ordering rubber bodies to fit conductor.
A special seal ring system to provide a water tight connection.
Tin plated lugs to allow use with either copper or aluminum conductors.
UL approved product
The same kit will fit a wide range of conductor sizes.
The kits can be removed and reinstalled if necessary.
Inventory costs will be substantially reduced.
Installation labor costs will be reduced.
The number of connector kits to complete a circuit will normally be reduced.
Continuing maintenance costs will be reduced.
SEC Connector Company has been a family owned business since 1971. Bernell Guthmiller developed this line of universal connector kits. The SEC connector kits were engineered and field tested for use on highway and street lighting systems but can be used in many other types of installations.
SEC Connector kits are currently being installed in several states.